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The List Widget is a separate add-on for WP Auctions.

It shows your auctions in a nice list and can even show auctions from a certain category.

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1. To use this widget simply place the following shortcode into your Post or Page:

[ wpa_list_widget mode="list" ]

2. To limit how many auctions you want to show, use the maxrec filter:

[ wpa_list_widget mode="list" maxrec="3" ]

In the example above, 3 auctions will be shown randomly from all your Current Auctions.

3. To show the description, use the  limitdesc filter in the shortcode:

[ wpa_list_widget mode="sidebar" limitdesc="50" maxrec="3" ]

In the example above, your description will be limited to the first 50 characters (not words). The word “Hello” is 5 characters.

NOTE: The description will not be shown in the “list” mode.

4. To show auctions from a certain category, use the  category filter in the shortcode:

[ wpa_list_widget mode="list" limitdesc="50" maxrec="3" category="CategoryName" ]

In the example above, auctions from the category “CategoryName” will be shown. Category names with spaces will not work unfortunately, so “Art Gallery” would not work, whereas “ArtGallery” will.

5. To show auctions in a particular order, use the  order filter in the shortcode:

[ wpa_list_widget limitdesc="50" maxrec="3" order="xxx" ]

Where xxx can be: randomdatedatedescprice or pricedesc.

NOTE: price or pricedesc will show the auctions based on the current bid price only and NOT the starting bid price.

6. To paginate your auctions, use the  perpage filter in the shortcode:

[ wpa_list_widget perpage="1" ]

In the example above, all your auctions will be shown in 1 page. If you want to show less per page then increase the number accordingly. So if you have 10 auctions, you can use perpage=”2″ and the List Widget would only show 2 auctions per page.

7. To show future auctions:

[ wpa_list_widget futureauctions="yes" ]

Choices: yes or no

8. To show closed auctions:

[ wpa_list_widget closedauctions="yes" ]

Choices: yes or no


mode=”list” – This will show your auctions in a list format. Descriptions are not shown in this mode. Leaving it out will show it in an alternative list format. Properties: list and sidebar.

limitdesc=”50″ – This will limit the characters in your description to the first 50. You can enter any number you like there.

maxrec=”3″ – This limits how many auctions you would like to show.

category=”CategoryName” – This filter lets you specify auctions from one category. Enter the category name for all auctions from that category to show.

order=”xxx” – This filter lets you specify the order in which you want to show your auctions. Properties: randomdatedatedesc, price and pricedesc.

perpage=”1″ – This filter allows you to list a desired amount of auctions per page with the List Widget.

futureauctions – Choose to show your future auctions or not

closedauctions – Choose to show your closed auctions or not

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